September 24, 2001 12:00 PM

Firefighers search the rubble of the Twin Towers. “We’ve got to keep praying and hoping that we save as many people as possible,” said New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

As victims lost blood, donors lined up. “People felt a tremendous need to do anything,” says Pacific Northwest Red Cross spokesperson Claudia Brown.

Firefighters and other rescue personnel extract a victim from the rubble of the Twin Towers.

“My wife called and asked me what she could cook for me,” says New York City firefighter Louie Cacchioli. “I said, ‘Honey, I just want to come home and hug everyone.’ ” The FDNY douses the flames.

After an initial rush of casualties, “we didn’t get as many patients as we thought,” says a nurse at St. Vincent’s hospital. “Sadly, I thing it’s because a lot of people were still trapped.”

A police officer escorted a woman and child away from the scene. “It doesn’t get any worse than this,” said a firefighter who helped victims escape the World Trade Center.

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