November 21, 2005 12:00 PM

Honey is a young dog, barely 5 months old, and had never seen an episode of Lassie. Yet when her owner, Michael Bosch, got in trouble, Honey somehow knew just what to do: Alert the neighbors!

The trouble started Halloween morning when Bosch, a real-estate broker, backed his SUV out of his driveway in hilly Nicasio, Calif. Blinded by the sun while making a turn, he plunged 50 feet down a wooded slope. Trapped inside the overturned vehicle, his leg pinned by a tree that crashed through the roof, Bosch, 63, managed to push Honey, his only passenger, through a hole in a broken window: “Go home, Honey, go home!” he told her.

The 15-lb. pup, adopted by Bosch from a Marin County animal shelter only two weeks before, had a different plan. She made her way a quarter mile to the house of the nearest neighbor, Robin Allen, who returned home—seven long hours after the crash—to find Honey running frantic laps in the driveway. “She seemed frenetic,” says Allen. “She was obviously trying to tell me something, because she wouldn’t let me catch her.”

Eventually Allen caught the dog and returned her to the address on her ID tag. Once up the driveway, Allen heard Bosch, still upside down, screaming for help. After locating him, Allen dialed 911, and soon, says Bosch, “out of nowhere, this helicopter appears. It was surreal.”

Now home from a weeklong stay at the hospital, Bosch is recovering from five broken ribs and bruises on his legs, arms and face. Honey is always nearby. “Every time she’s at my feet like this, the pain goes away,” he says of the dog’s permanent sleeping spot on his bed. “I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Honey.”

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