By People Staff
August 01, 1977 12:00 PM

Bridegroom-to-be Jim Slatton had nothing in mind but getting to the church on time when colleagues at Honeywell, Inc. in Phoenix, Ariz. summoned him to a midmorning business meeting. But when he showed up, just three hours before he was scheduled to fly to Grand Junction, Colo. for his wedding, two office lovelies settled on his lap, and a third began nibbling his ear. Thus preoccupied, Slatton, 29, was an easy mark for the office prankster who crept up and padlocked a 16-pound bowling ball to his ankle with anchor chain. So far so cute, but then Slatton found that the key had been sent to his future father-in-law in Colorado. An official at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport humorlessly ruled that since the ball classified as a potential weapon, Slatton would not be allowed to take it aboard. So, grounded and grim, the groom had to wait until airport maintenance supervisor Louis Eggemeyer arrived with a pair of bolt cutters. Tolerant of the little jape, if not all chuckles, the new Mrs. Sharon Reardon Slatton, 27, may take comfort in the knowledge that her husband, once nibbled, should be twice shy.