By People Staff
Updated October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE WEAKNESS: Dressed for sex-cess

FASHION CREDO: All or nothing at all

How time Fleiss. It seems like only yesterday that Hollywood was atwitter about family values. Then, last summer, along came the 27-year-old alleged madam to the stars, who started waving her address book around town and bragging about her industrial-strength client list. Big-name actors and producers ran for cover. Heidi should have run to Rodeo Drive for help. She ignored the advice of her infamous New York City counterpart, Mayflower Madam Sydney Biddle Barrows—”Keep a low profile, keep your mouth shut and stay away from those V necks”—and was downright slovenly when the paparazzi cornered her in hiding. Where’s her sense of destiny? Where’s her sense of décolletage? Where’s her sense of, well, Hollywood? As a teenager, she paraded around wearing cutoff T-shirts sans bra, then flashed unsuspecting passersby. Now, as a grown-up entrepreneur, she doesn’t flash the traditional madam trappings, even though she reportedly raked in $60,000 per month. Consider her arraignment last August in L.A. Municipal Court when she pleaded not guilty to drug and pandering charges: She wore a mini side-wrap dress and suicide-high heels. But there may be hope for Heidi yet: The pediatrician’s daughter is now saying that she will soon launch a line of pajamas. Chances seem good that she’ll incorporate her favorite colors: black, as in little book, and green, as in money.