April 08, 2002 12:00 PM

Sexy Beast nominee Ben Kingsley looked the part in his Prada outfit. “The beast,” he said, “is in all of us.”

The verdict is in on the Practice’s Dylan McDermott: He pleased the court with his shiny all-black ensemble.

In the final analysis, Kelsey Grammer’s cravat set the gold standard for good taste. Frasier Crane would approve.

Looking a bit like a Sopranos extra, rocker John Bon Jovi went positively electric in his suit by Lords.

Frequent nominee Randy Newman, in Brioni, showed the 16th time’s a charm by winning a Best Song Oscar.

Lord of the Ringer Sean Astin got thumbs up for his Armani peak-lapel tux, piqué front evening shirt and silvery tie.

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