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May 12, 2008 12:00 PM


Age: 19

The It Girl

Part of what’s lovely about Rumer Willis is her candor. She knows you know who her parents are. Says the star of the summer comedy The House Bunny: “I grew up with a mom that most moms don’t look like.” With a little help from Demi, and a little experimentation, she’s finding her own way:

“My mom taught me when I was little about keeping my skin clean, and I’m so grateful.”

“There’s a cool Korean spa my mom found in L.A. I go with my best friend, Jessica Szohr [see page 132]. That and getting my nails done are my biggest indulgences.”

“I’ve been trying to grow out my hair since I was 10. But it’s so hard for me; I have such curly hair that when it gets to my shoulders, it turns into this big fro, and I don’t have the patience to let it go. When your hair is short, there are a lot of things that go with that. I’ve had some really fun, cool haircuts and some really bad ones!”

She’s philosophical about bloggers taking potshots:

“If you focus your energy into what other people think of you, you’ll never be happy with yourself.”


Age: 29

The Newbie

You have a unique look. What’s your ethnicity?

Ready for this? Mongolian-Norwegian on my mom’s side. French, Native American, Irish, German, and I think Scottish and Welsh on my dad’s.

Since your relationship with George Clooney has put you more in the public eye, do you feel compelled to look beautiful 24/7?

At first, definitely. I’m starting to relax, because obviously you can’t keep that up. There are more important things than to sit in front of a mirror for an hour a day.

What did you learn from seeing pictures of yourself?

Posture! And in the candid shots, to make sure you’re smiling or at least look happy. You don’t want to look pissed off! [Laughs] Or you might end up in a paper “having a fight.”

Does motorcycling with George mess up your hair?

I usually braid it and throw the helmet on; you’re going to look like you had a hat on anyway. And if you have the faceless helmet, I found out you shouldn’t put on moisturizer because the dirt from the road sticks to it. I would take my sunglasses off and have muddy stripes across my face. Now I bring facial wipes with me.

Do you feel more beautiful when you’re in love?

Doesn’t everybody?


Age: 26

The Olympian

Confessions of a gold-medal swimmer:

“When you’re competing, you shave everything your swimsuit doesn’t cover besides eyebrows: your legs, your arms, your back. When I was in high school and college, we’d have shaving parties. We’d shave each other’s backs.”

“I wear makeup in the water. I always wear a waterproof mascara, Maybelline Volume Express. All my makeup is waterproof, even my concealer.”

“To look good in the water, you have to pick the right swimsuit. I own close to 500.”


Age: 31

The Cult Favorite

She’s made her mark on an American show, Pushing Daisies, but the British film star—who’s a regular in the London press, owing to her marriage to actor David Thewlis, of the Harry Potter franchise—credits her looks to “my Irish genes. I think I have good cheekbones.” Despite her U.S. success, she refuses to adopt a typical Hollywood attitude about her appearance. “When I was starting out, I was at the craft-service table eating a donut, and someone said, ‘I wouldn’t do that,'” says Friel. “I thought about it, and I ate the donut. You don’t have to deprive yourself.”


Age: 33

The Dancing Defensive End

If he hasn’t already taken enough ribbing from his Miami Dolphins teammates about his elegant moves on Dancing with the Stars, more is on the way. “This article will be plastered in the locker room,” predicts the 6’6″ Taylor. To make it easier for the less-refined Dolphins, we provide a list of talking points:

1. He gets manicures and pedicures. “I admit it. I take care of myself, and I enjoy it.”

2. “I get facials. When you’re sweating, the pores on your nose get dirty.”

3. He bleaches his teeth, shaves his chest, uses moisturizers that “my wife [Katina] gives me,” and often takes longer to get dressed.

4. Dancing with the Stars—for which he powders his head to keep it from shining—has got him in his best off-season shape. “I’ve leaned and trimmed up.”

5. In high school “I was 6’3″ and weighed 170 lbs. I was like a No. 2 pencil! I was last to be picked to play.”

With that, let the locker-room mockery begin.

“In the guy world, it’s a sign of respect. I’d be more worried if they didn’t tease me.”


The Cool Kids

Onscreen, they are gorgeous, scheming, backstabbing high schoolers. Off-screen, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen (clockwise from bottom) are still gorgeous but somewhat kinder to one another. Want proof? Turn the page for a Gossip Girl “slam book” that reads more like a mash note. “I assure you,” says Badgley, “we are all fun and charming as hell.”

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“Great lips.”


“She always looks cute.”


“Pretty eyes and lips.”



“Really good, almond-shaped nostrils.”


“Good hair. And the sexiest shoelaces in town (I’m joking).”



“The accent.”


“He’s very fashionable. He’s like a male Kate Moss.”


“I envy his chest hair, ’cause they make me shave my chest for the show.”



“Best feature? Her hair.”


“Terrific all around.”


“Her laugh is infectious.”


“Legs, legs, legs!”



“Pretty much perfect.”


“At 14, I was not looking like that!”


“Yeah, where’s her awkward stage? She’s like a colt—all legs.”



“Terrible actor!”


“Really cute laugh!”


“His gums are nice.”



“Beautiful eyes.”


“Beautiful skin, lips, eyes and a gorgeous heart.”


“Stunning—a terrific smile and just a sweet girl, inside and out.”