By People Staff
September 18, 2000 12:00 PM

IF ROCK STARS never die, why should their wives abandon their skintight sequined scene-stealers? From Dynasty to Melrose Place to Spin City, from first husband Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee to her current mate of five years, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, 41, prime-time siren Heather Locklear has spent nearly two decades living–and dressing–on the edge. And as our panelists see it, neither motherhood (daughter Ava Elizabeth is 3) nor the ever-closer call of middle age (she turns 39 this month) is mellowing her mettle. “She has great presence,” says model Mia Tyler. “When you’re backstage all the time, there’s a rock and roll air you pick up. You can tell she’s got it.” No argument from singer Sisqé. “Everything clicks with her,” he raves. Although jeans, T-shirts and sneakers are the toddler-proof uniform the 5’5″ Locklear wears at home in L.A., her heart, she recently told USA Today, is where it has always been: squeezed into “pretty sexy tight things.”

The judges declare Locklear’s casual outfit at the L.A. airport in May a soaring success. “Well put-together. I like the sneakers with it,” says Seventh Avenue’s Elie Tahari. “Very clean, no angst,” adds fellow designer Dana Buchman. As Sisqé says, “It’s a cute little look for her.”

Aglitter in Loewe at the Golden Globe Awards in L.A. in January, Locklear is “distinguished,” says Ben Stein. “Classic,” says Mia Tyler. Sisqé gets specific: “I love the sparkly material. It makes her look like a diamond herself.”

“Simplified and elegant,” says Dana Buchman of the leather coat with fur trim that Locklear wore to the L.A. premiere of U-571 in April. “It’s a nice New York look,” adds Elie Tahari. “She’s dressed like a lady.”

Locklear was well suited for a May outing in New York City in a tan leather halter and jacket, and Prada flared pants and sandals. “That shirt is amazing,” says Sisqé. “Those lines are futuristic. And I love the shoes.”

At the Emmy Awards last September, Locklear’s Chanel dress combined three trends–sequins, halter top and peekaboo fabric–for a “sleek look,” says Mia Tyler. “It’s lovely,” agrees Dana Buchman. “Very clean and nicely accessorized. It’s glamorous because it’s sheer and white, but it has very simple lines.”