September 26, 2005 12:00 PM

Scheduled to begin serving a 366-day sentence for perjury on Sept. 19, the rapper has spent her last days of freedom finishing a new album, The Naked Truth, due Sept. 27, and shooting three videos. Kim, 51, talks to People writer Bob Meadows about how she’s preparing for prison.

How do you feel about going to prison?

I think [the sentencing judge] wasn’t half as mean as he wanted to be. The unknown makes you nervous, but… there’s no reason for me to be scared. I’m going to go through this with my head up and handle anything that comes out because I have God.

What will you take with you?

I plan to take lots of books. I like to read, and that will give me more time to read. I like spiritual books like A Woman’s Worth. I’m probably going to find out later what else I can take.

Is The Naked Truth your way of responding to what has happened?

I’m speaking on everything. After the perjury trial [in March], what more of my business can I not talk about? What more can be done to hurt me and harm me? It was emotional.

You mention Martha Stewart in one song. Do you see her as a role model?

I don’t know Martha Stewart at all. One thing I heard was that she used to be a b—— [before prison] and now she’s not. I’m so not a b——, and I’m so not a diva. Some people probably think that before they meet me, but I’m not.

You’re used to getting glammed up. Will you miss that in prison?

They have makeup in there, gel for your hair, they have all kinds of stuff. It will be interesting. No one wants to go to that place, but that’s just the cards you’re dealt. You go in and make a positive out of it. If you don’t, you just make it harder for yourself.

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