December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Tatum O’Neal was crowned by our judges for attempting to outdo Princess Diana. Tucker said she was “real royal looking.” Cole slammed, “She is just trying to make a McEnroe fit in at Wimbledon.” ALF was head-hunting: “Bad news, bear.”

Rosanna, left, and Patricia Arquette’s headgear flopped with our judges. Westwood felt the look was “really nowhere,” while ALF determined that the sisters were “desperately seeking fashion sense.” Costa was especially hard on Patricia: “It looks like she has panty hose pulled over her head.

Elton John got bashed as a fashion gender bender for this no-no of a chapeau. Flo-Jo was blunt: “That looks like a woman’s hat.” Cole was bitchy: “Elton has to decide which sex he prefers.” Downey was bizarre: “He reminds me of Nikita Khrushchev.”

ALF summed up the judges’ feelings with this Long shot, “Here’s Shelley, caught in the act of wearing this.” Downey turned thumbs down: “She looks like the upper-berth maid on a train.” Flo-Jo said the topper “reminds me of a crocheted hat my grandmother made me.”

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