July 31, 1989 12:00 PM

The heck with Siskel, Ebert and their hyperactive thumbs. You know you’ve got a hit on your hands when Edward LaFouge shows up at the premiere of your new film. LaFouge is the Beverly Hills fire marshal, and when 1,300 fans arrived at the 1,100-seat Samuel Goldwyn Theater to catch director Rob Reiner’s new romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally…, LaFouge had to do his duty and order that the overflow be turned away. Those lucky enough to snare seats, a group that included Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Maria Shriver, Julianne Phillips, O.J. Simpson and Shelley Long, generally were wild about Hurry. “Magnificent,” said Judd Nelson. “As classy as it gets,” raved TV beast Ron Perlman.

“This is a film that celebrates people finding each other,” said Reiner. “It has been the greatest experience of my life, because I got to work with my best friend, Billy Crystal.” What’s more, while Harry met Sally, Rob met Michele Singer, a photographer who visited the set. They were married May 19 in Hawaii. Says Reiner: “Our story could fit very nicely into the film.”

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