October 29, 1984 12:00 PM

He has Mum’s blue eyes, brother William’s fair skin and Dad’s distinctive jug ears. At 5 weeks, Prince Henry Charles Albert David weighs 8 pounds, 10 ounces and is, at least in his mother’s eyes, blessedly perfect. Dressed in a white cotton gown with lace cuffs, Harry posed with his royal family as great-uncle Lord Snowdon clicked away at Kensington Palace. The photo session was also a chance for the Princess of Wales to show off her shrinking waistline. For her first public appearance since Harry’s birth September 15, Diana, 23, considered several different outfits brought to the shoot by a Vogue editor before selecting a cream satin dress. Diana will resume her royal engagements in November, and one of them may be Harry’s christening on the 14th, Charles’ 36th birthday. It is even rumored that Harry will be the first of the immediate royal family to have an American godparent: Armand Hammer, 86, multimillionaire president of Occidental Petroleum Corp., who is very close to Charles.

Meanwhile, elder son William again conquered the public’s heart by sitting docilely for the round of photos. A few weeks earlier, when Charles and Di took Harry belowstairs to meet the royal butler and cooks, William hugged and kissed Harry so violently that nanny Barbara Barnes had to restrain him.

No one is more charmed by the newborn than Charles. In fact, England’s future king is so thrilled with both children, say Palace sources, that he reduced his public duties in order to spend more time with them. Charles had only 15 engagements planned before January, compared with 56 for his sister, Princess Anne, 45 for Prince Philip and 28 for Queen Elizabeth. Although the little princes share two nannies and a nurse, Dad often changes and bathes them. Charles seems much more interested in these chores than Diana and is emerging as the dominant parent in the nursery.

The Prince of Wales’ dad, Prince Philip, however, is irked by his son’s domesticity. In a reportedly stormy meeting, Philip is said to have berated Charles for neglecting not only his public engagements but also his reading of state documents. Charles countered with his own complaints. He was furious, for example, when Philip went carriage driving instead of rushing over to Highgrove, as the Queen did, to meet Harry. But Philip appears to have had the last word: In a surprise move, Buckingham Palace announced five more official engagements for Charles in the coming weeks.

Wisely, Diana has kept out of the fray. She is busy all day, breast-feeding Harry every three hours until her bedtime. Then a night nurse takes over, feeding Harry from a bottle of Di’s milk, while the royal couple get their night’s sleep.

In the Windsor household it is the toddler, not the infant, who is exhausting his parents. At a London craft center recently, Charles watched a nursery school teacher try to control a mob of squirming 3-year-olds. “I’ll give you an hour with my child,” the Prince of Wales told her ruefully, “and you’ll be worn out.”

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