July 05, 2010 12:00 PM

No invitations. No bridesmaids. No bouquet toss. And definitely no designer tux or puffy dress. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart prefer to do things on their own terms-and that includes getting married. And so, on June 15, under the wide New Mexico sky on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion in Santa Fe, the two stars said “I do”-with Flockhart in a white sundress and Ford in (what else?) Wrangler jeans. Flockhart’s son Liam, 9, served as ringbearer as the couple exchanged bands. Looking on were Gov. Bill Richardson, who performed the simple ceremony; his wife, Barbara; the governor’s official counsel; and New Mexico’s chief justice, Charles W. Daniels, who officially pronounced Ford, 67, and Flockhart, 45, husband and wife. “They are the most gracious and lovely couple,” says Governor Richardson, who recently befriended the pair. “They are obviously very much in love, and it was an honor to host their wedding.”

Most of those close to the low-key pair had no clue that they were about to get married. “I talked to him just a couple of days ago, and he didn’t say anything!” says Bernie Pollack, a longtime Ford friend and the actor’s go-to costume designer for nearly 20 years. And there wasn’t a hint of wedding buzz on the set of Cowboys & Aliens, the action-fantasy movie Ford has been shooting in New Mexico (he had his wedding day off but was back on-set a few days later). But those in their inner circle say the union clearly made official what has been evident for a while now: Ford and Flockhart are in it for the long haul. “This will only enhance what they already had,” says Pollack. “When I see them together, I feel it works because they’re both very honest in their approach to life and to each other. Very equal.”

The Indiana Jones superstar and the Brothers & Sisters actress, who got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2009, have built a quiet life together with Liam since they first started dating more than eight years ago. Whether they’re going for joy rides in Ford’s vintage DeHavilland Beaver airplane or cheering from the sidelines at Liam’s soccer games, Ford and Flockhart “are so comfortable with each other, and Liam plays into that,” says a close friend. At a May 21 soccer game near their Brentwood, Calif., estate, “Harrison showered Liam with compliments,” says an observer. “He looked very proud.”

Flockhart was raising Liam as a single mom when she met Ford at the Golden Globes in 2002. (Contrary to a widely repeated tale, she did not intentionally spill wine on the actor by way of introduction: “We were having a conversation for maybe 20 minutes before the wine spilled, and the truth is, Harrison spilled the wine!” Flockhart told PEOPLE in 2003.)

At the time, Ford was recently separated from his second wife, E.T. screenwriter Melissa Mathison, with whom he has two children: Malcolm, 23, and Georgia, 20. The actor also has two adult children from his first marriage to college sweetheart Mary Marquardt: Ben, 43, a chef, and Willard, 41, who co-owns a furniture company. During his first marriage, “I was an inadequate husband and father,” Ford acknowledged to PEOPLE in 2003. When his career took off during his marriage to Mathison, he found himself “largely absent during very important points because I was working.”

With Liam, Ford-who also became a grandfather for the third time a few days after his wedding when Ben’s wife had a baby-has savored the opportunity to have another go at fatherhood. “I still work at being a better father. I work at being a better mate. I think that I have made some progress,” he said in 2003.

The star’s paternal side was on display on the set of 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where Flockhart and Liam dropped by one day. “Liam got to see his dad as Indiana,” says stuntwoman Helena Barrett, who worked on the film. “Harrison threw [Indy’s] fedora on him a couple of times. It was very sweet-you could tell they were close.” That relationship is crucial for Flockhart. “She is crazy about her son,” says a source on the set of Brothers & Sisters (where Flockhart has signed on for a reduced role next season). “Family is the most important thing in her life.”

At home in Brentwood, the couple enjoy regular date nights over sushi at Takao or take to the air in one of veteran pilot Ford’s fleet of planes. “They have a great energy together,” says a source at the Santa Monica airport. “He beams when she is with him.”

As for their 22-year age difference, “it never seems to occur to either of them,” says a close friend. As Flockhart told PEOPLE in 2003, “I truly think Harrison is the sexiest man alive.”

Although there have been no just-married parties on the Cowboys & Aliens set-“it’s been business as usual,” says one source-the couple enjoyed a night out with Liam and a few pals on June 19 at La Casa Sena, where the waitstaff sing show tunes. “They were having a good time,” a source says of the group. “They complimented the singers on the way out.” A no-frills Saturday night over chips and guacamole instead of an exotic honeymoon? These newlyweds wouldn’t have it any other way. “They live their lives the way they see fit,” says Pollack. “There’s a basic honesty and no pretensions. They’re wonderful together.”

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