By Michelle Tan
April 21, 2008 12:00 PM


Not even the Easter Bunny could compete with this. At the House of Blues Gospel Brunch on Easter Sunday last month in West Hollywood, Calif., all eyes were on Suri Cruise as she happily hopped around near the stage next to Mom and Dad—a.k.a. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise—who were also on their feet singing along to the live band. “Suri clapped to the music, and Katie was dancing with her,” says an onlooker. The Cruise clan—decked out in a coordinating palette of cream, white and pink—”looked like the happiest family,” adds the witness. “Suri made [her parents] smile the whole time. She was the total center of attention.”

And on April 18 the littlest Cruise will once again find herself in the spotlight as she celebrates her second birthday. “They can’t believe how fast it went!” says a source close to the proud parents. Luckily for Holmes, 29, and Cruise, 45, their youngest child (Cruise also has kids Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman) seems to have sidestepped the dreaded “terrible twos.” “Suri is well-behaved and sweet,” says a source, “and she’s fascinated with ladybugs.”

Like many little girls, Suri also has a penchant for playing dress-up. “Suri is a girlie girl,” says the family friend. “She loves her dresses!” Credit Mom for passing on her stylish genes. Along with ordering Marc Jacobs and Tocca frocks for her daughter, Holmes spent $2,000 on five hand-embroidered outfits from France at Petit Trésor. Says a source: “Katie’s taste is classic and elegant.”

She’s learned a thing or two from Dad as well. The precocious toddler “is talking up a storm and has a strong personality,” says a Cruise family source. While visiting the Berlin set of Cruise’s film Valkyrie last fall, “[Suri] had her little director’s chair,” says Cruise’s costar Christian Oliver. “She was calling the shots!” Back home (the family is temporarily living at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in L.A. while their Beverly Hills spread is under renovation), Suri unabashedly dives into the playground sandbox and easily keeps up with the three rambunctious Beckham boys—Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3—during their playdates. “They’re protective of any friend they’ve got,” says David Beckham of his sons. “Of course they’re protective of [Suri].”

So are Mom and Dad. “Tom and Katie dote on Suri,” says the family source. “She’s really just a happy little girl.”