By People Staff
May 12, 2008 12:00 PM

Age: 40

First appeared: 1992

Number of Times: Nine

Currently: Expecting a baby with husband Keith Urban

“Being pregnant is one of the most profound experiences. You really feel your womanhood. I’m realizing the power and the beauty of being wholly responsible for nurturing, feeding. My blood is running through this little person and bringing it to life. So it’s not necessarily that I feel beautiful, it’s that I feel a purpose. The other thing about being pregnant is the way people react to you. There is such warmth and joy that you receive. I have no problem with people putting their hands on my tummy without asking. I like the contact and connection.”

Age: 32

First appeared: 1998

Number of Times: Six

Currently: The action film Wanted opens June 27; expecting child No. 5 with Brad Pitt

“All that matters is if I build a strong family, if I’m able to do my advocacy work and if my children are happy,” she told Newsweek last year.

Age: 38

First appeared: 1997

Number of Times: Eight

Currently: Enjoying twins Max and Emme with husband Marc Anthony, and starting a TLC reality show about her life

“My babies make the world new again; there is nothing like happiness in your soul to make you look and feel beautiful. I’ve heard you have the face God gave you until you are 25, and after that you get the face you deserve. True beauty comes from goodness, kindness and strength of character.”

Age: 44

First appeared: 1996

Number of Times: Five

Currently: Shooting the drama Public Enemies

Depp learned a hard lesson about being attractive. As he admitted to Esquire, “It’ll definitely make you a little weird if you’re constantly being stared at.”

Age: 27

First appeared: 2004

Number of Times: Five

Currently: Dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

When have you looked your best? “The most beautiful pictures I have ever taken are when I am truly happy. There’s a certain thing about my eyes and my smile. You can see it.”

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve followed: “Take care of yourself—whatever you put inside your body, you are going to see on the outside. And I don’t smoke, so that has definitely helped me. As far as diet, I’m dating a quarterback right now so we have lots of pizza nights where we lay on the couch and watch movies and order one pepperoni and one sausage.”

What’s the worst beauty advice you’ve taken: “Putting Restylane in my lips. I looked like a blowfish. My lips look fine the way they are.”

What was your bravest moment: “Doing Dukes of Hazzard. It was pretty gutsy of me to get into a bikini. So many girls take a picture of me in that bikini and say to their trainers, ‘I want to look like that.’ I’m doing that to my trainer now. I say, ‘I want to look like that!'”

What are your beauty concerns: “I’ve been having anxiety about turning 28. I’m so old! I thought for sure that by 28, I would be married with ten kids.”

After five times on this list, do you feel beautiful? “You get to know yourself and your body and you find a comfortable place. You grow into beauty.”


Age: 28

First appeared: 2002

Number of times: Five

Currently: On a U.S. tour promoting her triple platinum album, As I Am

“I feel more comfortable in my skin and I feel more of the beauty from within, and just strong. You’re not chasing after everything and everyone. It’s kind of a little more laid-back, and you can choose and decide what works for you. I call it confidence because you’re running your life instead of the life running you.”

Beyoncé Knowles
Age: 26

First appeared: 2001

Number of Times: Five

Currently: Enjoying her new life with rapper Jay-Z

“I’m working on being a legend and being around for 20 more years,” she told Star Jones on Larry King Live.

Age: 47

First appeared: 1995

Number of Times: Eight

Currently: Voicing the lead character in the animated film The Fantastic Mr. Fox and dating model Sarah Larson (see page 126)

Clooney looks ahead … On where he’ll be in 10 years: “Let’s hope I will be alive first.”

On having kids: “I am trying to adopt—I am looking for a wealthy 22-year-old.”

Age: 41

First appeared: 1992

Number of Times: Twelve

Currently: Nesting with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and 2-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela

“My perception of beauty has always remained the same. To me beauty has always been something that radiates from within and, although it sounds trite, I really believe that ‘beauty is as beauty does.’ The way that you live your life dictates how beautiful one is.”

Age: 44

First appeared: 1995

Number of Times: Eight

Currently: Helping to build green homes in New Orleans and expecting another baby with Angelina Jolie

“One thing sucks—your face kind of goes,” Pitt told Details. “Your body’s not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart.”


Age: 38

First appeared: 1999

Number of Times: Five

Currently: Shooting The Ghost of Girlfriends Past and expecting a baby with girlfriend model/bag designer Camila Alves

“I’ve worked hard to get a lifestyle and live in a place where I don’t have to wear a shirt or shoes,” he told Meredith Vieira. “I’m going to keep working hard so I can put myself on a beach somewhere on the planet.”