Half Their Age

SHE’S 51!

Elle Macpherson

“I actually love getting older,” says the entrepreneur and supermodel. “I don’t worry about wrinkles—it’s more important to be healthy and to have energy.” As for her famous younger years, “I look back on photographs of myself modeling and I can see I was self-conscious. Now I am happy, confident and self-accepting,” says Macpherson, who is a cofounder and co-owner of the premium luxury wellness business Welleco. “I feel great, I love, and I am loved.”

SHE’S 50!

Marisa Tomei

“I get a solid eight hours of sleep and will take more if you give it to me,” says the actress.

SHE’S 91!

Cicely Tyson

The How to Get Away with Murder star’s body motto? “If you have a Rolls-Royce, you don’t put crud in it.”

SHE’S 57!

Andie MacDowell

“I moisturize, use sunblock and try to stay calm,” says the Cedar Cove actress. “And I do yoga. Being at peace and feeling good about yourself is reflected in your appearance.”

SHE’S 52!

Demi Moore

“Regardless of your age, you should never turn away from your sexuality,” said the actress.

SHE’S 47!

Lisa Bonet

When the Cosby Show alum poses for photos with daughter Zoe Kravitz, 26, they’re some- times mistaken for sisters.

SHE’S 49!

Elizabeth Hurley

“If you’ve got time to think about aging, then you’re not busy enough,” says the star of E!’s The Royals. She swears by Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum. The spokesmodel says, “I’ve used it twice a day for 20 years.”

SHE’S 50!

Courteney Cox Arquette

“I really don’t feel my age,” said the Cougar Town star. “I look at pictures of my mom when she was in her 40s and she was such a woman; I still feel more like a girl.”

SHE’S 52!

Vanessa Williams

“Feeling grounded and hopeful has always made me feel radiant—and that’s when people notice true beauty,” says the actress.

SHE’S 49!

Robin Wright

“My wardrobe changed dramatically when I cut my hair,” said the House of Cards star. “It’s my grown-up haircut!”

SHE’S 48!

Salma Hayek

The actress has been outspoken about the pressure on women: “We need to stop with the crazy expectations, give ourselves a break,” she said.

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