By People Staff
June 27, 2005 12:00 PM

Bradley COOPER

AGE: 30

FROM: Philadelphia

ACTOR: He’s best known for his role on ABC’s Alias as Sydney Bristow’s friend Will; and as a love interest for Christine Lahti’s character on The WB’s Jack and Bobby. See him next in July’s Wedding Crashers with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson; also stars in this fall’s Kitchen Confidential on FOX.

How he impresses a woman: “I used to want to be a chef. I like to make stuffed calamari with dried currants, prosciutto, goat cheese and leeks, with a homemade tomato sauce. The problem is, when I cook for a date, I get so maniacal, they see my obsessive side.”

How to impress him: “Interest in me. No, I’m kidding….I love a woman who you can go out to a party with and you don’t have to worry. She can take care of herself.”

Stephen CHOW

AGE: 43

FROM: Hong Kong

ACTOR: Chow’s acting career got going in 1983 when he hosted a popular kids’ television show in Hong Kong. U.S. audiences caught him in this year’s hit Kung Fu Hustle, which he also wrote and directed.

His soft side: “You can be a kung fu player and a lover…. Spider-Man and Superman can beat up bad guys, but they’re good lovers too!”

His tender side: “When I look at my own movie, I cry.”

His romantic side: “I’d like to do a love story with Nicole Kidman. She is gorgeous. She’s taller than me, but I can wear heels!”


AGE: 28

FROM: Santa Ynez, Calif.

ACTOR: His breakthrough was 2003’s HBO film And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself. Earlier this year you saw him on ER, playing Maura Tierney’s crush.

NOW STARRING IN: Mindhunters.

Likes: Traveling. “I’ve been to Bali twice and Marrakech twice. I thought Vienna was great. I will take girlfriends to places they’ve never been before.”

Dislikes: Romantic gestures like “rose petals all over the hotel room floor,” but he’s learning. “I always thought flowers were such a cliché, but ‘I’ve realized they really work! A light bulb went off, after years of girls saying, ‘You could’ve just brought me flowers…!’ ”


AGE: 31

FROM: San Francisco

ACTOR: He made his movie debut in the Bollywood comedy Jo Bole So Nihaal and has two American films in the works.

Tevana has degrees in business and communications and is also proficient in…

Chemistry: “Usually, I know—just like that—if a date is going to work out.”

Languages: “I’ve lived in quite a few places and speak French, German and Hindi. You can take me anywhere!”

Social studies: Would he date an A-lister? “I don’t know. I saw what happened to Jen and Ben. I don’t want that!”


AGE: 33

FROM: Saint James, N.Y.

SCREENWRITER: Bisch wrote the screenplay for the hit film Hitch.

Bisch’s tips to pull off the perfect first date:

1. Break the night up into distinct parts so you can have that third-date feeling” in one date. Say you go to a photo exhibit, which just happens to be three blocks from your favorite dessert place, which happens to be next door to a divey bar with a dartboard.

2. You don’t have to be a celebrity, but go somewhere your friends work or that staff knows your name.

3. You know that story about how you got your heart broken and how it’s so hard to trust? Stop telling it.

4. If you wait until the end of the night to kiss her, you’ve blown it.


AGE: 28

FROM: Hershey,Pa.

ACTOR: He’s firefighter Sean Garrity on the FX series Rescue Me.

Occupational hazard: “The fact that we’re always naked on Rescue Me weighs on my decision as to whether I go to the gym.”

Fire safety advice? “Stop, drop and roll! Still relevant today, what you learned in kindergarten.”

Heavy equipment: “The firefighting gear weighs like a million pounds.”

No pickup line needed: “Every woman has a secret firefighter fantasy. Hey, I love it!”

Winston Bao LORD

AGE: 37

FROM: Washington, D.C.

BUSINESSMAN: The executive director of the Washington Baseball Club, which helped bring a team to the capital.

The son of author Bette Bao Lord and former U.S. ambassador to China Winston Lord on three important attributes:

“I’m loyal. It’s the biggest trait I like to see in someone else, so I like to think I have it.”

“I’m cheesy. I think I’m funny, but I don’t think others necessarily do.”

“I’m outdoorsy. I know how to identify poison ivy. By trial and error, anyway, so I just make sure I go first!”


MEMBERS (from left): Carlos Marin, 35, from Spain; Urs Buhler, 33, from Switzerland; David Miller, 31, from Denver; and Sebastien Izambard, 31, from France.

HOME: All live in London when not on tour.

SINGERS: The classical pop group’s first CD, II Divo, debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s 200 Bestselling Albums chart.

The four were discovered by American Idol’s Simon Cowell during a two-year global search. Here they offer up key info that might take even Simon by surprise.

Marin: “I like smaller women. It is easier to walk with them, hold their hands in the street, hug them.”

Buhler: “I like dancing, but I am inhibited. I don’t let loose that easily. I find dancing very personal and sexual. I like to do dirty dancing.”

Miller: “In high school I was considered a geek. I was in choir, was fairly studious and I liked drama. I was somewhat of an oddball.”

Izambard: ” I am very good in bed.”

Matthew SETTLE

AGE: 35

FROM: Sevierville, Tenn.

ACTOR: He co-stars as pioneer Jacob Wheeler in this summer’s TNT miniseries Into the West. See him next in The Celestine Prophecy, due in October.

The self-described “son of a preacher man” (his father is Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Settle) is one of six kids. In his spare time, he’s helping his three brothers build a house for his parents in Tennessee. “Last time I was there, we put in all the windows.”

What are your three best qualities?

“I’m funny, I have lots of different interests, and I’m really open to new ideas.”

What do women like best about you?

“They like my mouth—even more when I’m not talking! They’ve said they love my lips.”

You have two sisters. What did they teach you about women?

“That women are to be loved, not understood.”

Michael COPON

AGE: 22

FROM: Chesapeake, Va.

ACTOR: At 18, after modeling for two years, he played Lucas Kendall, TV’s Blue Power Ranger. Now he’s bad boy Felix on One Tree Hill.

He’s devoted: “My girlfriends meet my mom as soon as possible. My mom has to approve who I date. And if she doesn’t, it’s probably not gonna work out.”

He’s handy: “My first job was chopping down trees for a tree service. When I bought my house recently, I remodeled it and painted it. For a month straight, I took off acting and my manager was yelling at me,

‘You’re not Home Depot Man, you’re an actor!’ ”

He’s old-fashioned: “It’s so hard to meet women now. I like the good old country girls back home. They don’t care about money or the entertainment business. All they want is to be in love.”


AGE: 37

FROM: Miami, Okla.

COUNTRY SINGER-SONGWRITER: The cowriter of the Grammy-nominated “Beer Run,” he just released his debut CD Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll.

He wears a cowboy hat and sings about pickup trucks, but Anderson is hardly the classic good ol’ boy. He’s also:

A jock: In high school he was scouted for baseball’s Kansas City Royals.

A brainiac: He graduated first in his class with a B.S. in engineering from Oklahoma State (older brother Brian works for NASA). “School was all about athletics and academics.”

A goof: “I definitely have white-man syndrome,” he says of his stilted dance style. “My band calls one of my onstage moves ‘Guy crushing out a cigarette butt,’ when I lean my leg in and out.”