May 22, 2006 12:00 PM

FAMILY HISTORY: As a fraternal twin in a family of five children, Chambers, 35, who grew up in Springfield, Ohio, is following in his parents’ footsteps. He and wife Keisha, 36, have a set of twins of their own, Maya and Kaila, 8, plus Isabella, 11, Eva, 6, and Jackson, 4. “I’m happy the whole diaper thing is over,” says Chambers, who is moving the whole brood from New York City to L.A. “But we had a lot of fun having all those kids!”

LANGUAGE BARRIER: Having to learn medical jargon on Anatomy, where he plays arrogant intern Alex Karev, has been a challenge for Chambers. “Anything with more than two syllables for me is tough, so I just have to say it over and over again,” he says.

PREMED: Before he started acting, Chambers modeled in Europe. (That was after jobs at Hardee’s and as an orthopedic shoe salesman.) Moving to New York in 1992, he met Keisha, then a booker at a modeling agency. “I remember the moment when I started to like her. I was in her office and she was at her desk, and it was kind of sexy the way she dialed the phone with a pencil,” says Chambers. “It was business, then friendship, then lovers. She’s a very special girl.”

CHILDREN’S WARD: “I’m a silly, goofy dad,” says Chambers, who has teatime with his younger daughters and plays games where “they’ll put a hat on me and I’ll play an old English woman,” he says. But that’s a piece of crumpet compared to keeping up with his eldest’s text messages. “She does all these words, like ‘lol,'” he says. “I don’t know any of that stuff.”

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