January 25, 1988 12:00 PM

Before he married and became Mr. Fergie, Prince Andrew loved ’em and left ’em so often the press simply couldn’t keep itself from calling him “Randy Andy.” And brother Charles, though hardly a hell-raiser, managed a respectable number of discreet liaisons himself. Prince Edward, however, seems not to the manner born; womanizing has not been his vice.

Which, perhaps, is why his anxious mum, Queen Elizabeth, was quick to invite Georgia May, a 22-year-old financial advisor, to the family’s New Year’s weekend at Sandringham. Edward, 23, met Georgia 18 months ago, and they’ve been friendly ever since.

Is this romance, apparently Edward’s first, for real? Don’t ask Edward; he has chosen to remain princely and silent. But Georgia’s mother, Catherine, is somewhat less reticent. “They seem absolutely potty about each other,” she gushed to a British tabloid. May’s father, David, a millionaire yacht-builder who is divorced from her mum, seems more cautious. “They are feeling their way,” he observes. As for Georgia herself, she has pleaded to the press, “Please don’t say he’s my boyfriend.”

Please indeed. No sooner had royal watchers begun rejoicing that Edward seemed at last to have landed a sweetheart than word came that Georgia had a “secret lover” and his name isn’t Windsor. He is Ed “Stack” Danby, 26, a burly New Zealand yacht racer. “Maybe [Edward] wants it to look as though he has a pretty girlfriend,” said Stack. “But she is still going with me.” Georgia’s dad says that Danby’s all wet, and the embarrassed Georgia just isn’t saying.

As for the Queen, mum’s the word. If Edward doesn’t have Georgia on his mind, she is faced once again with a vexing motherly concern: that her youngest son, Britain’s most eligible royal bachelor, will once again appear almost too eligible.

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