By Amy Elisa Keith
June 09, 2008 12:00 PM

NOW 225 LBS.


On ABC Family’s college-theme cult hit Greek, actor Aaron Hill plays the Beaver, an all-American frat boy who makes up for his lack of brains with pure brawn. It’s a role that, only a few years ago, Hill—who once tipped the scales at 350 lbs.—never could have dreamed of. As a “fat kid who ate whatever I wanted” growing up in Clovis, Calif., the 6’5″ Hill used to have “a couple of bowls” of sugary cereal for breakfast and up to 15 burgers for lunch. But in 2002, after watching himself in a TV pilot, “I realized how big I had gotten,” he recalls. “I knew if I didn’t change, I’d have a heart attack at 30.” In the next year, Hill shed 125 lbs.; his initial plan was “just not eating as much” and running a quarter mile daily. “As the weight started to come off, it spurred me to keep going,” says Hill, 25, who now does at least 30 minutes of cardio a day and eats meals like fruit with low-fat granola, turkey and spinach wraps and sushi. “There were a few breakdowns when I ate a half gallon of ice cream,” he admits. “But then I’d feel sick. Now I try to check myself by saying, ‘Is this worth it?'” Not when you’ve just landed a role starring opposite Shia LeBeouf in Transformers 2. “The roles I used to read for always described the character as ‘Large, overweight,'” he says. “Now they say ‘Good-looking athlete.'”