By Lisa Ingrassia
May 17, 2010 12:00 PM



March 18, 2010

6 lbs. 6 oz.

No one has ever accused Dr. Phil McGraw’s brood of beating around the bush. So it was no big surprise to son Jay that when he brought his future wife, Erica, to meet his parents, Phil and Robin, in August 2004, “one of the first questions my mom asked her was about grandkids,” he laughs. Adds Erica: “The pressure was on from day one. She said, ‘Go home and practice!'”

Eventually, practice made perfect. On March 18, Jay, 30, an executive producer on the talk show The Doctors, and Erica, 32, a former model, gave the McGraws their first grandchild, Avery Elizabeth McGraw. The tough-loving TV psychologist, 59, was with Robin, 56, in the waiting room of the Los Angeles hospital when Avery arrived-and was immediately wrapped around her delicate little fingers. “His heart just melted when he picked her up,” says Erica. Admits Phil: “We have every intention of spoiling that child beyond reason.”

The pampering is well under way. Phil was the first family member to buy a gift for Avery-a romper-and Robin has a nursery set up in their L.A. home, just 10 minutes away. There is, however, one thing the Dr. Phil host surprisingly won’t be giving to Jay and Erica: advice. “Instead they’ve given us support and said, ‘You know what you’re doing,'” says Erica. “I can’t thank them enough.” In return, Phil asks just one thing: “I’ll let Avery decide what to call me,” he says. “As long as it’s not Dr. Phil.”