December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Patty Hearst and her sister Anne were unanimously savaged by our picky panel. “Big girls in little girls’ dresses,” laughed Flo-Jo. Westwood was wishy-washy as usual: “Both look absolutely dreadful.”

A ruffled Elizabeth Taylor produced a hung jury. “She is superb, and this is gorgeous,” gushed Costa. To Flo-Jo, she looked “like a Christmas tree.” Downey saw a certain extraterrestrial with the same initials, while Tucker was reminded of Martha Washington. ALF figured Liz was simply “posing for the top of her next wedding cake.”

Cybill Shepherd’s dress designer should think about moonlighting, considering our judges’ opinions. ALF the merciless: “It’s nice she is still getting some wear out of her prom dress.” Flo-Jo was reminded of the ’40s and put off by the “ugly shoulders.” Westwood and Costa were on the same track: “Southern belle and debutante.” Tucker and Cole agreed it was “a little overdone.”

Mary Tyler Moore wrapped our judges up in one praise-filled package Costa: “Gaudy but divine. “Terribly pretty,” said Westwood. “Elegant and regal,” decreed Cole.

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