February 07, 1983 12:00 PM

Everybody knows that Snoopy has always been in a canine class by himself. Even his wardrobe boasted a jogging outfit, a three-piece gray flannel suit and a sheared suede vest. But what’s a dog to do for special occasions when only a designer’s name will do? To solve the problem, Connie Boucher, who’s created thousands of items for the popular beagle, persuaded 37 designers to style clothes for Snoopy and his sister, Belle. “The initial reaction was, ‘Are you crazy? Design for a dog!’ ” concedes Boucher. “Then the idea began to grow on them.” The completed outfits, ranging from a gray satin tux and blue sequined strapless gown from England’s Bruce Oldfield to coordinated knits from Italy’s Missoni, reflect a panoply of trends and tastes from fashion’s elite. The ensembles—done by the designers for love, not money—aren’t for sale, but spawned a traveling doggy fashion show which will hit Europe over Easter and then return for a 20-city U.S. tour in late spring. Affirming Snoopy’s enthusiasm for his new garb, cartoonist Charles Schulz even penned a new slogan for his famous canine: “Happiness is a warm puppy in his designer wardrobe.”

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