By People Staff
March 28, 1977 12:00 PM

If the kids at St. Victor’s parish elementary school in Monroe, Wis. seem to be walking on air, who can blame them? They have just broken a world record.

With a week of practice, 44 volunteers from the fourth, fifth and sixth grades jumped a 100-foot rope five times without a miss. Their feat shattered the official world mark of four jumps set in 1975 by a mere 35 youngsters in Lorain, Ohio.

“It wasn’t really hard,” says 11-year-old Angie Hall. “It was just tricky getting everyone jumping at the same time.”

St. Victor’s principal, Louis Daniels, who dreamed up the leap and helped turn the rope, got a bear hug from his students. “They yelled, shouted and danced,” says Daniels. “It was like they had won the World Series.”