By Tiffany McGee
August 06, 2007 12:00 PM

A vital question in Presidential Campaign 2008 may well be: Who’s hot? And judging from the nearly three million potential voters viewing a series of political spoofs on the Internet, the answer so far is Obama Girl, a sexy fan of the junior senator from Illinois, who croons smoldering lyrics like “Universal healthcare reform … makes me warm.” Her success has inspired Giuliani Girl, Hillary Girl and, yes, even Kucinich Girl. None of the independently produced videos, found on, are endorsed by the campaigns. In fact, Obama and Giuliani Girl were hired by barely to help promote the site. Obama Girl herself—actress Amber Lee Ettinger, 25—won’t even commit to voting for Barack Obama, although she does say, “He’s definitely crush-worthy.” Says Obama’s wife, Michelle: “More power to the people who think he’s cute.”