February 20, 2012 12:00 PM

Red wine is again a central character on Cougar Town (returning Feb. 14 on ABC). How did that happen?

[Co-creator] Bill Lawrence came over to my house and said he’d never seen anyone pour such a big glass of wine. I guess I overpour.

Are you a big drinker like Jules?

I love red wine. But I’m not a functioning alcoholic [like she is]. I know my limit: two glasses, that’s it!

Your ex, David Arquette, guest stars on the show this season.

He’s just hysterical. It was great to have him on the set. He’s my best friend. There’s almost no one I’d rather be in the same room with. We’re going to be a family forever.

David did Dancing with the Stars last fall. Would you ever do it?

No. Putting yourself out there, the nerves, I could never do it. I can’t even play tennis doubles. I have performance anxiety!

Do you ever embarrass your daughter Coco, 7?

Every day! I picked her up from school yesterday and started singing, and she said, “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” I said, “Coco, I’ve done more embarrassing things on TV than this! It’s okay.”

The tabloids have paired you with two of your costars so far. Will Dan Byrd, who plays your son, be next?

I hope so! I love that kid. If only he were at minimum 10 years older….

How do you stay fit at 47?

Cardio is really important. I love Pilates. I drink aloe juice. I’m open for trying anything.

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