October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE WEAKNESS: Shirts patterned like awnings in Toontown

FORMAL WEAR FAUX PAS: Wearing bow tie, tails and…jeans

NEVER SEEN IN: Clothes that fit

Though John Wayne was his hero, Garth Brooks looks more Pillsbury Doughboy than big-screen cowboy. The king of country pop reportedly earned a mere $47 million over the past year, but the money certainly wasn’t used on a shopping spree. He has seen the error of his pose—if not his clothes—and has recently shed 40 pounds. But wearing a ten-gallon hat on a five-gallon head and sporting shirts that are louder than the Saturday night crowd at the Grand Ole Opry, Garth—and his wardrobe—remains “Shameless.”

Brooks, 31, said that he and country heartthrob Clint Black dress so much alike (striped shirts, big-brim hats and tighter-than-this jeans) that his wife, Sandy, once yelled, “Come here, I think I’m watching you on TV!” when it was Black who was on. So what makes Black a hunk and Brooks flunk? Clint’s wardrobe seems thought-out and couture-cut; Brooks looks as if he grabbed his outfit in a midnight search-and-seizure raid.

Garth, listen up: Now that you’ve put in all that time scaling down to size, it’s time to do the same thing with your gear. Those big patterns make you look bigger. The hat hides your good-lookin’ face. Congratulations on dropping the porkiness; now you should think about losing some of the dorkiness.

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