May 12, 2010 12:00 PM

A Bold New Bookcase

Wallpaper adds a wow factor to this old find


1. Spray primer on entire surface; let dry. Apply two coats of paint and let dry.

2. Lay the bookcase flat on floor. Overlap pieces of parchment paper on the back of each shelf until you create a template for the space to be papered. Tape pieces together and remove template.

3. Lay the template over the wallpaper and trace lightly with a pencil. Cut to size with an X-Acto knife. Lay the paper into the space to confirm fit.

4. Coat the back of each shelf with wallpaper adhesive and apply paper. Smooth with a moist sponge and let dry.


Glam it up with vivid wallpaper;

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A Vintage Chair Goes Modern

A neglected office chair gets a second chance.


1. Spread wood filler in cracks. Secure joints with wood glue; let dry. Tighten old screws and fill holes with wood buttons. Sand with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe clean with a dust cloth.

2. Drill holes in bottoms of legs the same diameter as casters.

3. Spray chair with primer and let dry. Apply two coats of paint (we used Krylon’s Watermelon). Let dry. Apply a protective spray.

4. Snap in casters.


Personalize it with a rub-on quote;

A Bench Goes Green

Give that old, ugly garden bench a new life indoors as a plant stand.


1. Using medium-grit sandpaper, smooth the surface by sanding away old paint and imperfections.

2. Spray with an indoor-outdoor primer. Once dry, apply two coats of color (we used Krylon’s Celery).

3. Seal with a topcoat of Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear to protect from water damage.


Paint a bench a neutral color to give your plants more pop.

A Dressed-Up Dresser

Transform a plain old chest of drawers into a conversation piece.


1. Remove drawers and unscrew knobs.

2. Tighten any loose legs and joints with Elmer’s Wood Glue. Fill in cracks with wood filler; let dry. Sand away dry glue, and dust with a clean cloth.

3. Spray with primer; let dry. Apply two coats of paint (we used Krylon’s Peekaboo Blue). Follow with a high-gloss protective spray.

Large hexagonal knob; $4.39 each;


Pick colored glass knobs for more visual punch.

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