July 17, 2006 12:00 PM

Holding hands at the June 29 Radiohead concert in Los Angeles, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy “were having so much fun,” says a fellow concertgoer. “It was like you were watching a romantic comedy.” When three mothers approached Carrey to tell him their kids were fans of his 1994 film The Mask, the actor whipped around, eyes bulging, and gave them his trademark “Sssssssssmokin’!”—prompting a fit of giggles from all the women, including his date.

What’s smokin’ in Carrey’s life these days is his romance with McCarthy, 33, which began quietly a few months ago but has shot into public view in recent weeks as the rubber-faced pair step out everywhere from a June 16 helicopter ride in Santa Monica to a Fiona Apple concert a few days later. The 44-year-old comedian, says a source close to him, “is very happy.”

As is McCarthy, who has been uncharacteristically mum about her new love. “I’m so brutally honest and tell people everything about my personal life, it’s really hard not to,” she told Access Hollywood, adding that Carrey is “an amazing person.” The couple have more than just a silly streak in common: Carrey has a daughter, 18-year-old Jane, with first wife Melissa Womer; McCarthy has a son, 4-year-old Evan, with director John Asher. (McCarthy and Asher filed for divorce last August.) For now, the twosome seem focused on simply having a good time. “They were laughing and smiling,” says an observer at the Radiohead concert. “They just look like such a great couple.”

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