By People Staff
April 08, 1974 12:00 PM

Baseball was still a game in 1924. Sportswriters covering opening day this week can envy the season of 50 years ago when people were writing about home runs and stolen bases, not collective bargaining and reserve clauses. Players had nicknames like “Rajah” Hornsby, “Rabbit” Maranville and “Gabby” Hartnett. Baseball was still a daytime enterprise, sunny and dusty, smelling of franks and peanuts and sweat. True, it was only four years since the Black Sox scandal. But that was forgotten in the year when Rogers Hornsby batted .424—an average not since surpassed—and a jim-dandy World Series went to seven games. The Washington Senators won their first and only championship on a single that hit a pebble and bounced over the head of Giants’ third baseman Fred Lindstrom. These pictures remind us that baseball was truly the national pastime in 1924.