October 06, 1986 12:00 PM

Across the Atlantic, the boldest of the Brits stepped lively into autumn. Four-year-old Prince William gathered up his Thomas the Tank Engine bag and his royal charisma and marched to kindergarten in a bright red sweater just like the one his mum wore several years ago. “Count Sheep,” reads the pullover, perhaps Di’s directive to willful Wills when all that princely pep keeps him—and her—up nights.

For her part, Princess Diana got a new do—a ’50s DA no less—which caused the London tabs to blush, shyly referring to the Teddy Boys style as “the rear end of a duck” and a “Duck’s Anatomy.” Before finishing her vacation, Di flew her hairdresser to Balmoral in Scotland for a three-inch knockoff with sides swept back to meet at the nape of the neck. Then she hightailed it back to London. Hardly outdone, Fergie, the Duchess of York, made a public appearance sporting a ’50s-style ponytail. Straighter and lighter than her real hair, alas, the comely coiffure was not her own.

Meanwhile, the winds of autumn blew like the winds of war as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher put her mettle to the pedal of a Challenger tank at the NATO training ground near Fallingbostel, West Germany. It may make some people nervous to know that she and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl manned the guns of separate tanks. But since they both aimed their practice shells exclusively at test targets (and both hit bull’s-eyes), the event ended amicably. It might not have been as friendly if they had competed in a Snoopy lookalike contest. The Brits would have won, no contest.

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