December 02, 2002 12:00 PM


Pizza résistance? Not likely. At the New York State Armory, LINDSAY FRIWIODT (above) got a manicure while GISELE (right) gobbled slices bought by Access Hollywood. “Everyone was really excited and there was a friendly vibe,” says KAROLINA KURKOVA (far right), who wore a $10 million jewel-encrusted bra. “There were security guards just following the bra around!”


Their work done, NAOMI CAMPBELL and GISELE (above) bopped the night away when they weren’t deejaying. BEYONCE, KNOWLES, who performed with Destiny’s Child, made the scene with record exec DAMON DASH. Working “was a big stress,” says Dash, “so they were just trying to kick back and have some fun.”


During the show’s second segment, four antifur protesters rushed the stage as GISELE came down the catwalk. The show was delayed 10 minutes while guards escorted the women away, but Gisele didn’t get her knickers in a twist: “I don’t even wear fur,” says Bündchen, who, oddly, modeled for Blackglama fur ads in August. “I was just doing my job. I love animals.”

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