Playing vengeful vampires, wild werewolves and a murderous boyfriend, these newcomers add some real bite to Eclipse

June 23, 2010 12:00 PM

Xavier Samuel

Age: 26

The Aussie actor joins Eclipse as Riley, the human who falls for Victoria and becomes a vampire to do her bidding. Though he starred in films Down Under, Samuel faced a steep learning curve adjusting to Twilight fame. “It’s a bizarre thing, the whole celebrity phenomenon,” he told Australia’s Sunday Mail. “It’s a little strange having someone follow you to get a coffee.” The attention doesn’t surprise director David Slade, who tweeted that Samuel delivers a “power performance.” But that doesn’t answer his fans’ most pressing question: Is he Team Edward or Team Jacob? “I’m gonna sit on the fence,” he said. “I’m not down with the wolf pack; I’m not down with the Cullen clan!”

Catalina Sandino Moreno

Age: 29

The actress says that transforming into Maria-the seductive 19th-century vampire who turns “nice Jackson Rathbone into evil Jasper”-wasn’t hard at all. “As soon as they put in those red contact lenses, I was another person,” says Sandino, who earned an Oscar nod in ’04 for her role in Maria Full of Grace. “It was so nice to be an evil vampire!” But no one was more excited about Sandino’s darker role than her family. When she told her cousins about the Eclipse gig, “they couldn’t stop screaming!”

Bryce Dallas Howard

Age: 29

Replacing Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria-the fiery nemesis who creates a band of newborn bloodsuckers to hunt down Bella-Howard told MTV she felt “a huge responsibility to do my best.” Turns out she had no problem freaking out her costars. “She’s such a good actress, it was easy to be scared of her,” says Kristen Stewart. But “she’s really sweet as well.” Howard toured Vancouver with her husband, actor Seth Gabel, and their son Theo, 3, during her downtime. Says Stewart: “It was funny to see her go back and forth.”


Age: 15

Onscreen, she’s out to kill the Cullen clan as newborn vampire Bree Tanner. Offscreen, the British Columbia native is a proud member of Team Edward, who was “really excited to meet Robert Pattinson!” she told E! News. An even bigger coup: Ferland scored a top-secret-albeit temporary-copy of Stephenie Meyer’s novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, due out in June. “After I read the story,” she said, “we burned it.”


Age: 29

The best part about playing Leah Clearwater, the only she-wolf among her pack of male costars? “They take care of me,” the actress has said. “I feel like the youngest daughter.” And the worst? “They’re loud,” said the Boston native, best known as Dr. Montoya on ER. “And they wanna borrow your hair products!”

Booboo Stewart

Age: 16

The star launched his career not on the big screen, but in the studio: At age 12, Stewart signed a recording deal with Walt Disney Records and the pop group T-Squad. The L.A. native (real name: Nils Stewart Jr.) later starred in the ’09 indie flick American Cowslip before joining Taylor Lautner‘s tribe as scrappy shapeshifter Seth Clearwater. The day he got the good news, “I was screaming!” he said. But his revelry was short-lived: “The next day my mom made me go do yard work, so we’re pretty down-to-earth.”


Age: 19

“I’ve been playing the girl next door for years, so it was fun to be bad!” says the Vancouver native, who starred in ABC Family’s Kyle XY. Mean or not, Twi-hards still can’t wait to meet the new vampire. “In L.A. I went to the Gap, and the girl behind the counter said, ‘Lucy! You’re from Eclipse!’ ” says Prout. “The movie hasn’t even come out. It was nuts!”


Age: 25

TV’s Caprica star grew up training as a dancer alongside her twin sister, Erin (“She’s five minutes older!”) in Victoria, B.C. Still, those body-hugging leotards were nothing compared to the corset she dons to play vampire Nettie in Eclipse. “It was very tight,” says Gibson, who had three wardrobe women lace her up. “But I’m willing to take the pain!”

Jack Huston

Age: 27

The British export-and Anjelica Huston’s nephew!-said he dived into “a bit of a darker place” to play Royce King II, Rosalie’s adoring boyfriend turned abusive fiancé. In real life, though, the actor has been happily dating So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley for more than a year. While the pair share custody of their two dogs, don’t expect them to share a home just yet. Said Deeley: “I like my huge walk-in closet.”

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