September 18, 2000 12:00 PM


Yup, Boys and Girls, Freddie Prinze Jr., 24, is all that. Our judges like the way he dresses too. “He does young well,” says model Mia Taylor. “He knows how to do the suit thing and the casual thing.” Adds Sisqé: “He’s got a brain when it comes to clothes. He gives you a good image, good variety.” The singer is especially partial to “the accessory” on Prinze’s side–Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and girlfriend Sarah Michelle Gellar, 23. But quiz show host Ben Stein is more impressed with the 6’1″ actor’s unassuming sweaters and sleek suits. “He’s casual, confident, not showing off,” says Stein. “He’s a guy I would let my daughter go out with.” Relax, Vampire Slayer. Stein hasn’t got a daughter; this lady-killer is all yours.

“It’s a gorgeous sweater and I like it with the khaki pants,” says designer Dana Buchman of Prinze’s choice for the Hollywood premiere of End of Days last November. “I love the baggy look,” adds Mia Tyler. “And since he’s got dark hair and eyes, the light colors are great on him.” Ben Stein gets a boy-next-door vibe: “This is a guy who’s going out on his first date and not quite sure if it’s the right thing.” Absolutely, assures designer Elie Tahari, “It’s very nice.”

“What’s not to like?” asks Dana Buchman of the monochromatic shirt and pants Prinze wore to the MTV Music Video Awards in Manhattan last September. As Elie Tahari says, “It’s conservative and classic.” Ben Stein admires the “casual, unassuming, friendly” feel of the outfit–as does Mia Tyler: “He looks like a good schoolboy.”

At the L.A. premiere of The Talented Mr. Ripley last December, it was Mr. Prinze who proved talented. Elie Tahari praises the jacket and square-front shoes. Mia Tyler thinks the glasses make the actor “look smart.” Ben Stein calls the ensemble “down-to-earth.” And Sisqé loves it all: “This is right.”

The judges rule that leather–not to mention girlfriend Sarah Michelle Gellar–agrees with Prinze. “I’m not a fan of shiny leather, but it works on him,” says Mia Tyler of Prinze’s blazer at the MTV Movie Awards in June. Sisqé, too, endorses the actor’s subtle spin on city chic: “He’s rockin’ the basic black.”

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