By People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

WHEN THE NANNY STAR GETS GOING ON BEAUTY, there’s no stopping her. “I’m a high-maintenance chick,” she says in the nasal honk that enchants fans of her CBS sitcom. No wonder one of the chapters of her bestselling memoir, Enter Whining, is titled, “If It’s Friday, This Must Be Georgette Klinger.” Before every kissing scene on The Nanny, which Drescher coproduces and writes with Peter Marc Jacobson, her husband of 17 years, “she says, ‘Let me go fix my lipstick,’ ” notes costar Nicholle Tom. “It’s become a big joke.” Even growing up in Queens, N.Y., Drescher, 38, made an obsessive connection between looks and laughter. “She was always looking in the mirror practicing facial expressions,” says her father, Mort, a retired systems-analyst. “Her idol was Lucy”. Adds her mom, Sylvia: “She was such a knockout at age 12, people came up to me saying, ‘My God! Put a ball and chain on this one! She is so pretty.’ ”

In Hollywood, there’s no mistaking the striking 5’5″, size-2 comedian. She keeps her weight at a trim 112 lbs. with frequent tennis sets and a nondairy diet. Her big secret, though, is doing isometric exercises in movie theaters. “I contract my gluteus maximus, thighs, arms, my stomach and my, ah, um, my breasts,” she says. “Everybody else is stuffing in popcorn, and I’m sitting there squeezing.” She calls on medical help for complexion emergencies. “I got a couple of headlight zits on my face a few days ago,” she says. “Maybe I was ovulating, and the hormones kicked in. My dermatologist shot them up with cortisone, but they still left red spots.” Still, she insists that confidence and style are the best revenge. “Even when I was overweight,” she crows, “I sold it as zaftig and sexy. If you’re vivacious and comfortable, you can get away with anything!”