May 08, 1989 12:00 PM

Throughout the realm, the York Duke was in dutch. His baby, just four royal relatives away (after Charles, William, Harry and himself) from becoming Queen Bea, has been virtually hidden since her christening in December. It wasn’t until last week that a long, lingering look at Princess Beatrice once again set her adoring public abuzz. When the Duchess Fergie showed up dockside in Edinburgh’s port, Leith, to greet her visiting naval lieutenant, Andrew, she came carrying none other than little Bea in her bonnet. Which came off, confirming what Fleet Street has of late been making book on: Yorklet minor, like her mater, is robust and redheaded. Bea also, apparently, bears yet another royal attribute. “She’s not speaking yet,” her mum told the crowd. “But she smiles a lot.”

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