By People Staff
October 02, 1995 12:00 PM

MENTION PLANET HOLLYWOOD, AND IT’S usually images of camera-toting tourists queuing up for cheeseburgers that come to mind. But the Sept. 17 opening of the restaurant’s zillionth (all right, it’s only the 28th) branch—this one in Beverly Hills—lived up to its celestial billing.

“It’s a celebfest, isn’t it?” boasted co-owner Bruce Willis, who schmoozed with dozens of fellow stars, including Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Allen, ER’s Julianna Margulies, Wesley Snipes and Elton John.

With glass-encased memorabilia—the ax from The Shining, Whoopi Goldberg’s gaudy purple-and-green 1993 Oscar dress—serving as the backdrop, the bold and the beautiful bonded. Oprah, who went shopping with Cindy Crawford earlier in the day but passed on the offer to share a dressing room with the übermodel (“I said, ‘Are you crazy, Cindy?’ “), dished with Patrick Swayze and George Clooney, while in another corner Geena Davis (wearing L.A.’s answer to the sandwich board, a beaded Planet Hollywood-motif dress) and Demi Moore (poured into Rita Hayworth’s black strapless sheath from the 1946 movie Gilda) talked jewelry. The mood was so collegial, in fact, even the stars took note. “I don’t feel like everyone’s glad-handing,” said Robert Downey Jr. “It’s really personable. It feels kind of cool.”