September 29, 2008 12:00 PM

Though the five-story Brentwood home Fergie shares with fiancé Josh Duhamel, 35, contains three large closets, the man of the house gets only one bent bar in the master bedroom’s walk-in. His set up? “Not even close,” Duhamel says, to that of his future wife’s. Counters Fergie (born Stacy Ferguson): “I’m the flashy one. He’s simple. He doesn’t need as much space.” Despite converting two guest bedrooms—one is dedicated to glam, the other to casual wear—into her sartorial haven, the singer, 33, is still in need of more room. “I don’t like to throw anything away,” she says. “It’s emotional. A lot of the designer gowns that I actually get to wear and keep, I keep them because they’re just beautiful. At a certain time in my life, I would have never been able to get them. And I keep them because someday my daughter will be able to appreciate them.”

Inspired to hang chandeliers after seeing them in Dolce & Gabbana stores, she also wanted to keep the design of her closet “rock and roll” with black and zebra-print carpeting. Making sure to “add a little hip-hop to the situation” with her collection of 100-plus sneakers, she remains particular about each pair and, if asked, could quickly point out the exact Nikes she wore in the Black Eyed Peas’ “Hey Mama” video.

Other favorite items? Cesare Paciotti pumps for the “danger of the design,” a two-toned turquoise-and-black Birkin, Cartier sunglasses and the vintage hand-me-down belts and jewels from her great-aunt Betty. Though she prides herself on her first big vanity splurge—porcelain veneers for her teeth—Fergie assures it’s not always about high price tags. “K-Mart has made a lot of money off me,” she says of her frequent trips to the store for simple tank tops. “I like to mix it up.” So just what does Duhamel love to see her in? “High black boots,” she says with a grin. “That’s all I’m saying.”


The singer had the couple’s initials sewn onto these Nikes.


The self-proclaimed “sneaker freak” says she hates for her kicks to get dirty, so “I’ll wear them, like, one time.” Sporting heels only when she has to, she prefers gladiator sandals or ballet slippers for everyday.


“I love heels when I’m on a date with my man,” she says of her platform Alaias.


“I love the fedora with the eye on it, because it’s just so different,” she says. With dozens of hats, including ’20s vintage styles, cowboy hats, a fur hat from Russia and a tassel topper from Kazakhstan that she picked up on tour, Fergie need never fear a bad hair day.


“I collect jewelry from other countries because nobody has it,” she says. She also lists Cartier, Rafinity, Kidada for Disney Couture and Chrome Hearts as obsessions. “Josh got me a Chrome Hearts black diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day!”

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