By Jessica Herndon Monica Rizzo
June 18, 2012 12:00 PM


The host of Extra is eager to give his 1-year-old daughter Gia Francesca a few siblings

Lopez has an action-packed game plan for this year’s Father’s Day: “I’ll have my own special time with my daughter,” he says. “We’ll probably go swinging at the park, take a little jog in our stroller and then play with our dog.” Of course, Lopez-who recently got engaged to Gia’s mom, Courtney Laine Mazza-is also fond of having quiet time with his “little princess.” “My favorite thing is when Gia and I lie in my bed and watch a movie. She’ll be mesmerized. She’ll get up and do a few somersaults, but then she comes back and settles down. Cuddling with her is the best.”


First-time father! The star of TV’s Supernatural welcomed son Thomas Colton on March 19

The thrill of parenthood is leaving Padalecki speechless. “There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles,” says the actor, who recently celebrated his two-year anniversary with actress wife Genevieve, 31 (they met on the set of the show). So what father-son bonding moments is Padalecki-who describes himself as “a pretty good diaper-changer”-most looking forward to? “Honestly? Everything,” he says. “I was a very active kid, so I can’t wait to ride bikes with him and teach him to swim and ski and throw a football.”


The Dancing with the Stars pro raises his three kids-Luana, 6 (far right), and fraternal twins Adrian and Ariana, 3-in Connecticut

Although his job requires him to travel a lot, when Dovolani is at home with his wife, Lina, and his children, he’s a very hands-on dad. “I get the kids up in the morning, I take them to school, and I prepare their lunch,” he says. He also makes sure to build playtime into the day. “After school, instead of having them do homework immediately, I take them to the park or the golf range,” he says. “All my kids love golf.” And when the weather doesn’t cooperate, Dovolani uses his secret weapon. “If it’s rainy, I put on a dance video and we have dance parties.”

NE-YO, 32

The R&B singer-songwriter is the dad of two-daughter Madilyn Grace, 18 months, and son Mason Evan, 8 months

She loves playing with kitchenware and dancing in front of the mirror, but Ne-Yo’s daughter Madilyn is also not afraid to mix it up. “Madi’s a little rough and tumble with me because she was my first kid, so all of the little boy things I wanted to do, I did with her,” says Ne-Yo, who lives outside Atlanta with girlfriend Monyetta Shaw. “She and I wrestle, and she loves it.” She also loves hugging and kissing her baby brother-whom Ne-Yo calls “the most mellow baby on the planet.” But one of the things that makes Dad most proud is his daughter’s style. “She loves clothes,” he says. “You could put three dresses in front of her and she’ll pick her favorite, and normally it’s the flyest one. I’m thinking she gets that from me. Yeah! Daddy’s fashion sense.”



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