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Updated June 17, 2013 12:00 PM


+ KARMA, 11

“The day she was born,” says Bridges, “I went from selfish to selfless.”

Navigating his daughter’s tween years has been challenging for the rapper and Fast and Furious 6 star. “I think of her as a little girl,” he says, “but I can’t keep her in that shell.” To help ease the transition, he sets aside plenty of quality time, “turning the phone off, no distractions – just her and me talking about what’s going on in her world,” he says. “I have an RV, and sometimes we just drive to different places. It’s good for us.” As she gets older, the star’s dream for Karma – whose mom is Atlanta attorney Christine White – is for her to become “a young lady who has followed her goals and dreams. That’s what I want for her.”



+ KEEVA, 1

“Having kids is the biggest and best education I’ve ever had,” says Denisof. “Every day they stretch you and challenge you.”

“Being in a house full of ladies is a very special situation,” says Alexis Denisof, who’s been learning a lot from raising two daughters with his wife, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan, 39. “They’ve been teaching me about communication,” he says. “Guys are always a little bit like, ‘Let’s just get on with it,’ but girls like to talk things over.” Denisof – who’s currently starring in the indie film Much Ado About Nothing and the postapocalyptic Web series H+ – has also been getting a refresher course on etiquette. “Lately Saty has been teaching me not to talk with food in my mouth – I need a lot of practice in that area.” But there’s one lesson his daughters provide that he cherishes the most. “They’ve taught me to have fun no matter what I’m doing,” says Denisof, who’s been discovering the joys of putting on puppet shows and playing with Barbies. “They’re a constant reminder that we are here to have fun, and we don’t have that long, so enjoy it.”



“Having a daughter has changed my life – it’s not about me anymore. Everything is for the benefit of my daughter.”

When it comes to father-daughter bonding, there’s only one main sticking point for Tyrese. “The hardest thing for me to relate to is hair,” says the singer and actor. “I don’t have any! But what I love about my little girl is that she is so low-maintenance. In fact I can’t remember the last time I heard her cry.” Whatever expertise he lacks in follicle care, Tyrese is making up for by placing Shayla – custody of whom he shares with ex-wife Norma Mitchell – at the center of his universe. “She is relying on me to do things the right way and to make the right decisions so I can secure her future,” he says. “She’s really inspired me to work even harder.” So what does the singer – who’s got two new albums in the works – hope to see in Shayla’s future? “I’m looking forward to my daughter discovering even more independence,” he says. “I’m looking forward to that first conversation when she discovers the things she’s passionate about other than playdates. I’m looking forward to more kisses and more hugs and those moments when I pick her up from school and she runs and jumps in my arms – just like what happened today.”


(clockwise from bottom left) TRINITY, 8 TARAH, 28 SARAH, 24 MACKENZIE, 15 BRIANNA, 11

“Having so many daughters, I don’t think I have any pearls of wisdom about women—it just means I’m many more times confused.”

Picture this: 6’6″ Trace Adkins with red nail polish and pigtails. “When Tarah and Sarah were little, they’d catch me asleep and paint my toenails,” says Adkins. The other day Mackenzie gave him a Viking-inspired hairdo. “There’s a lot of stuff I’ve had to do that I didn’t ever think I’d do,” the country star and All-Star Celebrity Apprentice winner says of raising five daughters. However, he remains a tough guy when giving gifts to the girls – pink BB guns for each and pink toolboxes for the two oldest. “I don’t want them to go through this world depending on a man to take care of them,” he says. They can, however, count on Dad: “I’m not father of the year, and I don’t claim to be. But they know I’m here, and they don’t ever have to worry. I’m their warrior.”