March 08, 1993 12:00 PM

AFTER HER FAMILY-VALUES SPEECH AT the Republican Convention last August, Marilyn Quayle was accused of criticizing women who work outside the home while their children are young. Nonsense, said the Second Lady at the time. “I’m lucky Dan has a job that can support a family. A lot of people aren’t in that position.”

How true. But when hubby gets the pink slip and you’ve got one kid in college and two more heading there soon, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Which may help explain why Marilyn, 43, has signed on as a partner in the Indianapolis law firm of Krieg DeVault Alexander & Capehart. She’ll work there under her full name—Marilyn Tucker Quayle—news of which generated a flurry of speculation about her motive. “It’s kind of a hoot,” she says, explaining that neither she nor her sisters were given middle names—”the theory being that when we got married, we’d use our maiden name, Tucker, as one. It had nothing to do with a feminist statement.”

Quayle, of course, met her husband at Indiana University Law School in the 1970s and worked as an attorney for three years before he was elected to Congress in 1977. They have remained in the Washington area since the Inauguration—living with Dan’s aunt while their two youngest children, Benjamin, 16, and Corinne, 14, finish the school year. (Son Tucker, 18, is a freshman at Lehigh University.) Now, though, Marilyn jets to Indiana two days a week, working the rest of the time at home, while Dan keeps busy writing his memoirs and making speeches. So, did she get a big send-off on her first day of work? “The kids were asleep when I had to leave to catch my plane,” she admits. “Dan put my suitcase in the trunk of the car.”

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