April 05, 2010 12:00 PM

DOMINIK, growing up in Miami and L.A., who was stricter, your dad or your mom, Marivi?

DOMINIK: My dad was the disciplinarian for sure. I’m the oldest of four, and I wasn’t even allowed to have my own house key in high school.

And when you brought guys home?

DOMINIK: I didn’t.

ANDY: Yeah. They were in fear.

Has your dad ever embarrassed you?

ANDY: How much time do we have?

DOMINIK: Oh yeah. When I played junior high basketball, he would run up and down the court yelling, “Keep the pressure!” in all the girls’ faces. My coach ended up quitting.

ANDY: I was emotionally involved.

Same question, Andy.

ANDY: No. I’m very proud of all my kids. My girls have been great examples for what a young girl should be.

DOMINIK: Maybe when my bathing suits are too small. Those one-pieces that the Olympic swimmers wear? My dad thinks that’s sexy.

ANDY: To me that’s the way to go. You leave it up to the imagination.

So how did you handle Dominik playing a stripper in City Island?
DOMINIK: I tip my hat to pole dancers. It’s superhard!

ANDY: I was barred from set that day.

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