By People Staff
May 08, 2000 12:00 PM

HERE’S A BOMBSHELL FROM A BOMBSHELL: “I ALWAYS SAID I WANTED HUGE BREASTS,” says Faith Hill, 32. “I used to think that was the most important quality.” That was before she met her husband, singer Tim McGraw, 33, settled in Nashville and gave birth to daughters Gracie, 3, and Maggie, 21 months. With her personal life humming along, Hill says, “I’m in my prime. I’m comfortable with who I am on the inside—and that has everything to do with how I feel about myself.” As for her breasts? “I’m very happy with them,” she says. “And the person who matters most to me is very satisfied.” Thanks to McGraw, Hill has embraced what she once considered other flaws too—like her top lip, which “rolls up when I smile. I used to hate that. But my husband loves it, so now I think it’s beautiful.” McGraw adores the rest of her too. “She’s just the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen,” he says. Growing up in tiny Star, Miss., the adopted daughter of factory worker Ted Perry, 69, and his wife, Edna, 65, a retired bank employee, felt anything but lovely. Hill, who reached her full height of 5’9″ early on, says, “I had long, skinny arms, long, skinny legs, long, skinny hair and braces.” But she blossomed quickly. By the time she launched her country career in the early ’90s, detractors sniped that “I was successful only because of the way I looked,” she recalls. Tell that to the more than 3 million fans who have snapped up Hill’s fourth CD, Breathe, and the legions who watched her sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XXXIV or perform “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at the Academy Awards. Hill has been nominated for five of this month’s Academy of Country Music Awards, including entertainer of the year—a category in which she is up against McGraw. While her beauty regime is anything but strict—”I don’t always get to do all the things I know I should”—the Cover Girl spokesmodel pampers her skin with La Mer cleansing gel and Decleor moisturizer. And it shows. Says her friend, designer Richard Tyler: “She has flawless skin, a beautiful complexion.” Hill also tries to avoid caffeine. “I love the smell of coffee, but it’s not something I have to drink,” she says. “When I’m at home, I pour a cup of coffee and set it down someplace in the house and don’t even have a sip.” And while she says that McGraw likes her “however” she looks, she aims to please. “I’m constantly wanting to knock my husband off his feet,” she says. She must be aware of the domino effect.