September 08, 2003 12:00 PM


fashion designer

The Problem: Adores the show but not Carson’s mix-and-don’t-match flair. “Way too many prints fighting against each other. Gay men don’t dress like him unless they’re a hairdresser or a circus performer.”

The Fix: “More earth tones versus jewel tones. Brown is warm enough that someone who’s blond doesn’t look washed out.”

The Outfit: Lacoste polo shirt, Gap corduroys, orange cotton belt.

Carson Says: “I love the tranquillity of the brown. Have you noticed all UPS men are hot?”


editor-in-chief of Details

The Problem: Too over-the-top in every department. “If given two minutes with this guy I would dress him in a straitjacket and shove him into an asylum so quickly, that would be the end of it.”

The Fix: A classic suit and “zero accessories with the exception of a wristwatch.” The look “symbolizes normal and sexy. It’s toning him down. And I wasn’t kidding about the straitjacket.”

The Outfit: Prada suit, Converse All Stars.

Carson Says: “I feel like we have so been there already.”


fashion director of InStyle

The Problem: Give the boy props for having the energy to pull off that busy look. “But I want to see what would happen if you made him still, if he was just posing by the bar with a cigarette and a martini.”

The Fix: Pinstripe suit, white shirt, silver tie. But aren’t pinstripes a bit…corporate? “He couldn’t look corporate if you took him to Brooks Brothers.”

The Outfit: Dolce & Gabbana suit and shirt, Calvin Klein tie, Gucci boots, Cartier Tank Divan watch.

Carson Says: “I love a good pinstripe. Everyone looks good in a suit. Period.”

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