March 31, 2003 12:00 PM

Just the facts, ma’am: Subject’s name: Ethan Embry. Actor, 24. Currently playing: Det. Frank Smith to Ed O’Neill’s Sgt. Joe Friday in Dragnet, ABC’s updated version of the classic L.A. cop show.

Juvenile record: Ex-kid actor—more than 40 movie and TV roles, including Dutch, with O’Neill, 1991.

Known associates: Played Reese Witherspoon‘s pal in 2002’s Sweet Home Alabama. “We have the same manager, and she knew I was up for it. She just picked up the phone and said, ‘Ethan.’ That was that.”

Vehicular information: Owns 100 skateboards, including a BMW with five-point rack-and-pinion shocks. “It’s awesome.” How’s that, sir? “Because you can take it 60 miles an hour downhill with no speed wobbling.” Yessir.

Accident report: “This last weekend I dislocated my shoulder,” he says. While trying out his new off-road skateboard, “I hit a root at Pan Pacific Park. I went flying. I felt like a punk action hero. It was cool.”

Distinguishing marks: Tattoo on spine: name, birth date of Cogeian, 3, his son with actress Amelinda, 30, his wife of four years. That’s C-O-G-E-I-A-N, pronounced coh-gee-an.

Cogeian—interesting name. Care to explain, sir? “From cogency, cognition, cogent—all the words that start with ‘cog’ that signify power, intelligence and knowledge.”

Domicile: He and Amelinda are amicably divorcing, so he lives with his sister Kessia, 20, an actress, in a two-bedroom L.A. rental. “We split custody of Cogeian fifty-fifty. I made him this cool, customized little skateboard with old-school supersoft wheels on it. I’ll scream down the hill on my board holding his hand.” Dum-da-dum-dum.

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