May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

In the mid-’70s, the toddler son of folk-rocker Jackson Browne would sometimes make a cameo appearance at his dad’s concerts. These days, Ethan Browne is a 20-year-old successful fashion model who still sounds a Jot like Dad’s lyrics: “I know a person is beautiful if I get this extra heartbeat that tells me they’re special.” An expert himself in raising pulses, Browne has employed his sultry brown eyes and chiseled cheek-bones (thanks, pad) in ads for Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren and worked the runways of Versace and Calvin Klein. Says Andrea Lee Linett, Sassy magazine editor: “He’s a total fox; he conveys a sensitivity that’s inviting.”

The 6’1″ Browne, who lives in New-York City with girlfriend model Leilani Bishop, 18, owes his substance—if not his style—to his father. (His mother, Phyllis, committed suicide in 1976.) “I share a lot of concerns with my dad,” he says, “including the plight of Native Americans and the rain forests.” Of course, he adds, “I have my own ideas too.”

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