By Antoinette Y. Coulton
November 26, 2014 12:00 PM

For the holidays this year, country singer Jessie James and her husband, NFL star Eric Decker, have to make a few adjustments. First, the couple have a new addition to their family, 8-month-old daughter Vivianne Rose. The reality stars also recently relocated from Nashville to New Jersey after Decker, 27, signed a deal with the New York Jets. “This is very different for us,” says James, 26. “We are used to having our big house in Nashville and doing everything with my family. This is the first Christmas with just me, Eric and Vivi. We won’t even have our dogs!”

Despite all the changes, the Deckers—who star on E!’s Eric & Jessie: Game On—are determined to make their daughter’s first Christmas memorable. “Eric always laughs at me, but I start getting Christmas stuff right around Thanksgiving,” says James, who already has specific plans for the big day. “We’ll wake up and sing Christmas songs and have little Disney holiday movies on. And if it’s snowing, we’ll take her outside,” she says. “When you start your own family, you want to start your own traditions. But you want to carry on what you’ve done with your family in the past,” adds Decker. “Growing up, we always did a big Christmas, and I had a lot of gifts.” Which means Santa will be just as good to Vivianne. “We’re going to obsess over watching Vivi’s eyes as she opens up all her presents,” says James.

For their Christmas feast, James plans to make a pot roast (“I’ve perfected it!”) or a turkey, along with her signature sweet potato side dish. But for dessert, she’s all about the store-bought pie. “I will toot my own horn and say I am a really amazing cook, but I am a terrible baker,” James admits. Thankfully she knows how to create sweet holiday moments for her family. “I will make as much food as I can, and the three of us will make some new memories,” she says. “It will be wonderful.”