By People Staff
May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

Eric Bana

At, fans of the 37-year-old Australian actor call themselves names like Mrs. Banadinovich and Mrs. Bana of Turkey and go Bananas over such subjects as the number of times members have seen Troy or Munich (tops for Troy: 39). Banatics, this one’s for you:

SKIN CARE: “I don’t mind doing stuff for my skin, but I forget. My wife, Rebecca, occasionally throws a scrub into the shower.”

RED-CARPET LOOK VS. EVERYDAY: “Less dirt under my nails—and truly the only time I wear a suit.”

BEST FEATURE NOW: “Good hair that really does what I tell it.”

ON AGING: “I’m active with the kids [Klaus, 6, Sophia, 4] and don’t want to end up a couch potato. Hopefully I’ll improve as I get older. My dad, who’s in his early 60s, looks very distinguished.”