By People Staff
July 31, 2006 12:00 PM

AGE: 28


LATEST GIG: Plays Eric’s (Kevin Connolly’s) girlfriend Sloan on the HBO hit Entourage

▪ BOY TALK: “I never ever had so much fun on anything as I do working with the guys on Entourage,” says Chriqui. “There are times when we’re laughing so hard, it’s a matter of taking a deep breath to get through a scene.” Any hints for the rest of the season? “Things heat up! That’s all I’ll say.”

▪ CAREER DRIVEN: As a kid in Canada, Chriqui knew she wanted to act by age 7, when she got cast in a local play. “I was like, ‘Daddy, you’re going to drive me to rehearsals,'” says the actress, who also guest-starred on The O.C. last year.

▪ SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER HER: At 16, Chriqui lost her mother, Liliane, to cancer. “It was awful. I had to deal with death at a really young age,” she says. “But I feel like her passing is part of my story. When I look up and see a star, I know my mom is there. She’s with me all the time. It’s a powerful connection.”

▪ ROLE MODEL: “Reese Witherspoon is my everywoman,” says Chriqui. “She’s managed to have a family and this amazing career. That’s the goal.” As for her love life, although she won’t name him, Chriqui has been dating a “brilliant architect” from New York for three years and divides her time between there and L.A.

▪ HOLLYWOOD LIFE: “Everybody knows at least one person like everyone on Entourage—this town’s crazy!” says Chriqui. Which is one reason why she lies relatively low. “I love going out, but I’m never going to compromise an audition just to go to that hot party.” Still, she does make for a fun guest. “My elbows are double-jointed, so I can flip them inside out,” she says. “You know how stupid stuff comes up like that? I’ll go, ‘Oh really? Well, I can do this!'”