By People Staff
September 14, 1998 12:00 PM

She’s come unraveled. Not so many seasons ago, Emma Thompson, 39, was—well, if not exactly fashionable, at least presentable in her sleek Armanis and Ralph Lauren suits. Lately, though, she seems to have left sense and sensibility in the back of the closet and opted for the remains of the day. Her English eccentric look, pronounces designer Marc Bouwer, is “screamingly frumpish.” Is it intentional? “I don’t think there’s any effort, or maybe she just doesn’t care about fashion,” says plus-size model Emme. “I don’t think she’s trying. She doesn’t want too much emphasis on her clothing.” Whatever the case, the 5’7″ Thompson needs to stop wandering the windblown moors of style in layers of homespun rags. “I think she probably does her own styling, which you have to applaud on some level,” says Barneys window dresser Simon Doonan. But TV costumer Linda Serijan-Fasmer isn’t clapping. She suggests, “Start interviewing designers now!”