By Lesley Messer Kay West
September 08, 2010 12:00 PM

When Emily West and her then-boyfriend moved into her two-bedroom West Nashville apartment seven years ago, it was bland at best. “I was on a mission to paint it and make it my own,” she says. “The apartment ended up looking like an eighth grader did it. Like, ‘Hey, come see my treehouse!’ ”

Since then the boyfriend has been replaced and West has had a hit single-the poignant “Blue Sky”-and an appearance on last season’s Celebrity Apprentice. Her digs have evolved too: Now, says West, 29, “it’s more like a grown-up’s home.” A favorite spot is her bedroom-a no-work zone with sky-blue walls and white furnishings-where, she says, “there are no distractions. It’s so soothing.” Behind the bed, sheer white bedsheets hang from a curtain rod to create the look of an oversize headboard. “The bed is between two windows, so the key is to layer the bedsheets so the light kind of filters through,” she says. The effect? Sun-dappled and serene. “My brain is colorful,” she says with a laugh. “I need something really muted in my bedroom to help calm me down!”

But when she wants to turn up the energy, West heads to the apartment’s second bedroom, which she has turned into a closet/dressing room with tons of quirky details (an antique birdcage serves as a jewelry holder!). Stylist Christiev Alphin (wife of Big & Rich’s Big Kenny) helped her design the space. “She said I need a room where I could go in and ‘Emily West’ could come out,” she says. “It’s fun!”



“I have lots. They show my personality,” says West.


Like the bold red pillows on her white comforter. “Red is kind of trampy, but classic,” she says. “I like that it makes a statement. There is nothing shy about red.”


“I don’t have a lot of art for the walls, so I had to think about what would make the room look bigger and more stylish,” she says. “They give me the most bang for the buck.”


For accessories, she hits antique malls. “They’re like treasure hunts,” West says. “You never know what you’ll find!”